2016 Edition's Long Documentary

We have never been kids

We have never been kids

  • Section :Long Documentary
  • Country :Egypt
  • Production Year :2016
  • Runtime: 99 Minutes

    Director: Mahmoud Soleyman

    Screenwriter: Mahmoud Soleyman

    Cinematographer: Mahmoud Soleyman

    Editor: Doaa Fadel, Eman Samir

    Print Contact: info@januaryfilms.org, janfilmpro@gmail.com

    Synopsis: “We have never been kids” is strongly connected with Soleyman’s earlier documentary “Living among Us” (2003). He documents through two generations the declining of the social, political and economic situation over the most inflamed 13 years in Egypt modern history, especially during the last ten years of Mubarak’s regime, then the emergence of a glimmering hope with the 25th of January’s revolution, followed by the assassination of the dream and the confusion prevailing until this day.

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