2015 Edition's Short Films

City Dropout

City Dropout

  • Section :Short Films
  • Country :Rwanda
  • Production Year :2014
  • Runtime: 29 Minutes

    Director: Mbabazi Philbert Aimé

    Screenwriter: Mbabazi Philbert Aimé

    Cinematographer: Mbabazi Philbert Aimé

    Editor: Mbabazi Philbert Aimé

    Cast: Nkusi Arthur, Ingabire Louange

    Print: phabrat7@gmail.com

    Synopsis: Nizzo, is a robber who lives in one of the slums in Kigali. But one day, he decides to go back to Mageragere, his native village to reunite with his girlfriend Gasaro. One there, Nizzo discovers that Gasaro is dating another man...

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