2015 Edition's Long Narrative

L’Enfant du Soleil

L’Enfant du Soleil

  • Section :Long Narrative
  • Country :Tunisia
  • Production Year :2014
  • Runtime: 78 Minutes

    Director: Taïeb Louhichi

    Screenwriter: Taïeb Louhichi

    Cinematographer: Nara Keo Kosal

    Editor: Arbi Ben Ali

    Music Composer: Irmin Schmidt

    Cast: Hichem Rostom, Jamel Madani, Mabô Kouyaté

    Print: martinelou@yahoo.fr

    Synopsis: Two boys and a girl break into a house after a night of partying. They relax until suddenly they discover the presence the owner who is crippled and hitched to his office. Here begins the real story of the film: a quest for both personal and general, about identity.

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