2014 Edition's Short Films

Jah Est Tombé Sur La Tête

Jah Est Tombé Sur La Tête

  • Section :Short Films
  • Country :Nigeria | France
  • Production Year :2013
  • Runtime: 48 Minutes

    Directors: Alexis Zelensky & Martin Courcier

    Screenwriters: Alexis Zelensky & Martin Courcier

    Cinematographers: Alexis Zelensky & Martin Courcier

    Editors: Alexis Zelensky & Martin Courcier

    Print Source: patoufilms@aol.com

    Synopsis: After several years in France, the Nigerian reggae singer Salim Jah Peter returned to his native country to organize a peace caravan. After a military coup, Niger was in a full transition to democracy, and preparing to elect a new president. The implementation of the project was difficult. But when the politically-engaged singer returns home a hero, he has to face a reality he had too easily forgotten.

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