2014 Edition



Section: Short Films

Country: Egypt

Production Year: 2013

Runtime: 45 Minutes

Director: Wail Gzoly

Screenwriters: Wail Gzoly & Mahmoud Abou-Bakr

Cinematographer: Wail Gzoly

Editor: Ahmed Ezzat

Music Composer: Hamza Alaa El-Deen

Print Source: wailgzoly.911@gmail.com

Synopsis: A documentary depicting the Nubian relegation through the story of Shady Fikry, an Egyptian Nubian young man who was born and raised in Cairo after the decampment of his family from Nubba due to the construction of the High Dam. Fikry who was graduated from the High Institute of International Economy in 6th of October University in Cairo soon finds his way to the land of his ancestors.