2014 Edition

The Battle of Tabato

The Battle of Tabato

Section: Long Narrative

Country: Guinea-Bissau | Portugal

Production Year: 2013

Runtime: 78 Minutes

Director: Jo?o Viana

Screenwriter: Jo?o Viana

Cinematographer: Mario Miranda

Editor: José Edgar Feldman

Music Composer: Pedro Carneiro

Cast: Mamadu Baio, Fatu Djebaté & Imutar Djebaté  

Print Source: manon.bayet@capricci.fr

Synopsis: Praised by his daughter Fatu, Baio comes back to Guinea-Bissau thirty years after his exile. Fatu’s marrying Idrissa, the famous singer of the Supercamarimba band. The ceremony will be held in Tabatô, a village of musicians. As Baio returns to the old places he once knew, memories from the war of independence are surfacing. To end the war and its ghosts, Idrissa will give a last battle…