2014 Edition

Nana Benz

Nana Benz

Section: Long Documentary

Country: Togo, Germany

Production Year: 2013

Runtime: 87 Minutes

Director: Thomas B?ltken

Screenwriter: Thomas B?ltken

Cinematographer: Thomas B?ltken

Editor: Brigitta Tauchner

Music Composer: Aly Keita

Print Source: miriam@eastwest-distribution.com

Synopsis: In the city of Lomé, Togo, the Nana Benz were business women who dealt in fabrics, mainstay of African fashion. They built authentic economic empires and were closely linked to the powers-that-be during the country’s dictatorship. Their businesses were also instrumental in Togo’s economical emancipation. Regarded as mythical by the population to this day, they were also known for always driving Mercedes-Benz cars.