2014 Edition

Doaa Aziza

Doaa Aziza

Section: Long Documentary

Country: Egypt

Production Year: 2013

Runtime: 88 Minutes

Director: Saad Hendawy

Screenwriter: Saad Hendawy

Cinematographer: Saad Hendawy

Editor: Rabab Abdel-Latif

Print Source: saadhendawyfilm@yahoo.com

Synopsis: Doaa meets Aziza at Nile TV, the Egyptian television station. The first is a trainee aiming to become a presenter while the second has already been working as a presenter for years but plans to leave everything behind and go away to France, the same country that Doaa decided to leave. What has happened in the lives of the two girls since 2005 till now? What about their search for love, for independence, for freedom or dignity?