2014 Edition's Short Films

Made in Gougou

Made in Gougou

  • Section :Short Films
  • Country :Tunisia
  • Production Year :2013
  • Runtime: 40 Minutes

    Director: Latifa Doghri

    Screenwriters: Latifa Doghri & Kamel Ben Ouanès

    Cinematographer: : Mehdy Bouhlel

    Editor: Karim Hammouda

    Music Composer: Dylan Fiacre Evarist N.A

    Print Source: salemtrabelsi2@yahoo.fr

    Synopsis: At the Tunisian South, on the island of Djerba, an old black woman is locked up in a house. However, few people are allowed to see her. Some people talk about her madness …Others about a serious disease … This woman is called Elloulou and Ezzaïma (The leader). She is a pioneer of negro music on the  island.

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