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Throught an artistic career that spanned more than forty years, Egyptian star Youssra has enriched Egyptian cinema with more than eighty films in addition to a handful of television series she starred in. during the last decade

Over her career, which began in the late seventies of the last century, Youssra went through « three different stages of her career, beginning with a prevalence stage that began with A Thousand Kiss , her film debut that was followed by A Palace in the Air. Although the latter was not screened at that time, film producers felt comfortable with her aspects and signed her for six films in the same year.

During a brief period, Youssra was able to surpass all obstacles and impediments, by playing with great success roles that varied between the peasant or the poor or the aristocrat. This yielded to the second stage of her career in the early eighties when she formed a screen-couple with Egyptian star Adel Imam starting in 1982 with On the Door of the Minister, then continued in The Advocate, A Kiosk across the Street, Devil's Island, Human and Devils, and Terrorism and Kebabs.

This stage was culminated when she was cast by the great director Youssef Chahine in An Egyptian Story right after he saw her alongside Adel Imam in The Human Lives Once. Youssra also joined the cast and crew of the film when it was selected at the the official competition of Venice Film Festival. Youssra returned to Egyptian with an international stardom that made her think twice before accepting new roles.

Youssra remained Chahine’s favorite female lead as he cast her again in Alexandria, Now and Forever (1990), The Immigrant (1994), and Alexandria, New York (2004). She was quoted several times saying that Chahine was the best thing that happened to her

In the nineties, Youssra went through yet another successful began in her career with the films The Shepherd and The Women (1991) by Ali Badrakhan, Mercedes by Yousry Nasrallah (1993), Strawberry War (1994) by Khairy Beshara, and Whims by Ali Badrakhan (1996).

Then came the third stage in her career when she was offered the role of the mother of two young men in The Storm., her first film directed by Khaled Youssef. This was followed by roles in which she accepted her physical and professional maturity.

In a parallel way, Youssra was always keen to appear in TV drama since he starred in Goha and the Shahbandar’s Daughters, in addition to other works aired during Ramadan including Hayat Al-Gohary, Owner of My Soul, Regular Dreams, Live Interview, Public Lawsuit, Critical Moments, In Safe Hands, Very Special, Red Seal, Sharbat Louz.

LAFF will showcase her films: «The Storm» and «Egyption story».