2013 Edition

Shweekar Khalifa

Shweekar Khalifa

Animation Director -Egypt

Born in El-Dakahlia, she received an art bachelor in 1965. Khalifa was trained in SFB West German TV, AGF Studios in Berlin for Special Effects, and under the late Egyptian TV director Fahmy Abdel-Hamid who pioneered in animation and video effects.

During her work at ERTU that spawned more than four decades, she produced and directed many series destined for children like Puppets & Human Show (2004), documentaries about Plastic Arts, UNICEF and Red Cross produced cartoons, animation films like Story from the Forrest (1998), Caracibo Circus (1990), Horse Doll (1981). Her TV works also included the animation directing of the annual Ramadan’s Riddles (1977-1990) and Arabian Nights (1984 -1989).

Among the awards she received, a Certificate of Merit for local and international works for the years 2000,2001 ,2002 ,2003 from Head of Nile Thematic Channels, a Certificate of Merit from the 6th Hiroshima International Animation Festival in Japan (1996) for the film Defense about civilian rights during the war, an award for the documentary Colors from the TV Festival (1984). Among the prizes she got as cartoon art director and producer, Golden Prize of Cairo Festival of Children for the series Book of Idioms, Prize of the Cultural Development Fund for the series Popularity Story. Khalifa also teaches graphics and cartoons at the ERTU Institution and the Faculty of Fine Arts in El-Menia. She was Cartoons and Graphic Consultant of at Nile Thematic Channels for cartoons & graphic (2003 – 2010) and President of the Nile Family & Child Channel (2002 – 2003)

LAFF will showcase a number of her films.