2013 Edition's Mohsen Ahmed

Mohsen Ahmed

Mohsen Ahmed

  • Section :Long Films
  • Director of Photography and Filmmaker


    After teaching at the Institute of Cinema, he devoted himself to his work as director of photography in the fields of advertising, documentaries, short and long films. Mohsen Ahmed received numerous awards from The National Film Festival, The Film Society, Alexandria Film Festival, and Egyptian Oscars, as well as festivals of music videos for his work as DOP for music videos of many stars. Among the films he shot: The Chased, Kit-Kat, Crabs, Naji Al-Ali, The Wife of an Important Man, Asleep, Clown, Silence, Ghost, Son of Consul, The Promise, and Alzheimer. He directed two films Essayed Abu El-Arab has arrived (2005) and The Mysterious Man (2010). Earned his master's in Lighting in Commercials Photography and his Ph.D. in Magic Hour Cinematography.

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