2013 Edition's Laila Eloui

Laila Eloui

Laila Eloui

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    Born in Cairo, she started acting in TV shows when she was only seven years then first appeared on stage when she was only fifteen. After receiving a Bachelor in Business Administration, Eloui became a professional actress and renowned star in Egyptian cinema, TV and theatre where he starred in 70 acclaimed films, 16 TV series and seven theatrical plays. She was honored at Egyptian and international festivals with prestigious awards for most of her roles. To name a few: Best Actress Award from Cairo Festival for A Little Love, Much Violence (1994), Best Actress from Vues d’Afrique Festival in Montreal for  Life, My Passion (1996), Best Actress from Cairo Festival for Girls’ Love (2004). Recently praised for her role in the TV series Napoleon And Egypt (2012) in Malmo Arab Film Festival. She was Jury President in Alexandria Film Festival (1999), Jury President in Rabat Film Festival (2002) and Jury Member in Cairo Film Festival (2002).

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