2013 Edition's Fawzy El-Awamry

Fawzy El-Awamry

Fawzy El-Awamry

  • Section :Short Films
  • Art Director


    After earning his Bachelor from the Higher Institute of Cinema at the Arts Academy in 1985, he worked  as artistic director and scenery designer for films, plays, commercials and music videos. His long  narrative films include: X-Large, Cousins, Leisure Time, Snakes and Ladders, His Highness, the Prime  Minister. He also worked in the two documentaries Live Nature and Buthaina. Among the awards he  obtained: Best Décor Awards for The Yacoubian Building from The Film Society of Cinema ArtFestival  2006, the National Festival of Egyptian Cinema and Art Festival 2006. Best Décor Awards for The Island  from Art Festival 2007 and Film Association Festival 2008 and Oscar of Egyptian Cinema 2008. Jury  member at both The Film Society Festival 2006 and Cairo Festival for Arab Media 2008. Founders of the  Egyptian Front for Freedom of Creativity that was born after January 25 Revolution to withstand  creativity, freedom of expression, and the right to knowledge for the Egyptian citizen.

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