2013 Edition's Short Films



  • Section :Short Films
  • Country :Namibia
  • Production Year :2012
  • Runtime: 23 Minutes

    Director: Joel Haikali

    Screenwriters: Joel Haikali, Sophie Mukenge Kabongo

    Cinematographer: Alexander Honisch

    Editor: Boris Shiyangeni

    Music Composer: Sonja Majewski

    Cast: Joel Haikali, Thereza Kahorongo, Tulimelila Shityuwete, Muhindua Kaura, Lucky Peters

    Synopsis: A fast-paced, multiple-narrative drama about love, friendship and the serendipity of life unfolding in the heart of Windhoek, Namibia. Eight different lives from completely different backgrounds from one end to the other end of town until they all end up in public hospital, where the rich guy must wait in line and the gangster gets his salvation.

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