2013 Edition's Short Films

Dead River

Dead River

  • Section :Short Films
  • Country :Namibia
  • Production Year :2012
  • Runtime: 34 Minutes

    Director: Tim Huebschle

    Screenwriter: Tim Huebschle, based on a story by Rolf Ackermann

    Cinematographer: Frederik Fussel

    Editor: Haiko Boldt

    Music Composer: Alessandro Alessandroni

    Cast: Christin Meinecke-Mareka, Jens Schneider, Erven Katiti, David Ndjavera, Jade Coury

    Synopsis: Set during apartheid in Namibia, the story follows the unlikely friendship between David and Lisa who make a connection through the melodies she plays on her flute and the whistle he blows. However, Lisa’s racist father forbids this innocent friendship and ultimately sends his daughter to a hostel. Years later, Lisa returns to the farm as a young woman and revisits her past near the graves of the dead river.

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