2013 Edition's Long Films

The Rite, the Lunatic and I

The Rite, the Lunatic and I

  • Section :Long Films
  • Country :Togo
  • Production Year :2012
  • Runtime: 86 Minutes

    Director: Gentille Menguizani Assih

    Screenwriter: Gentille Menguizani Assih

    Cinematographer: Michel K. Zongo

    Editor: Joëlle Janssen

    Synopsis: This documentary marks an opportunity to understand the complexity of African cultures and traditions. The Akpéma is a northern Togo ritual through which older women teach young girls how to be proud and strong. While growing up, Gentille Menguizani Assih, the director of this documentary, learned Akpéma secrets from her grandmother which made her understand why her father used to abuse her. Today, chosen as Akpéma godmother to her little sister, Gentille Menguizani Assih is again transferring this ancient heritage to the young girl.

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