2013 Edition's Long Films

One Man’s Show

One Man’s Show

  • Section :Long Films
  • Country :Nigeria
  • Production Year :2012
  • Runtime: 75 Minutes

    Director: Newton I. Aduaka

    Screenwriter: Newton I. Aduaka

    Cinematographer: Mathias Raaflaub

    Editor: Newton I. Aduaka

    Music Composer: Nicholas Baby

    Cast: Emil Abossolo Mbo, Aissa Maiga, Odile Roire, Fatima Adoum, Kwame Pocrain

    Synopsis: Dante’s Devine Comedy and the journey into Hell, Purgatory and Paradise inspire One Man's Show, a tense drama that delves into a critical phase of the existence of Emil, a talented 50 year-old Cameroonian actor who lives in Paris. When he discovers that cancer is invading his body, Emil feels that his life is no longer under his control. Slowly, all he has neglected have reemerged to haunt him once again: his wife, his lover and most of his estranged son.

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