2013 Edition's Long Films

Horses of God (Les chevaux du Dieu)

Horses of God (Les chevaux du Dieu)

  • Section :Long Films
  • Country :Morocco, France, Belgium
  • Production Year :2012
  • Runtime: 115 Minutes

    Director: Nabil Ayouch

    Screenwriter: Jamal Belmahi, based on the novel "The Stars of Sidi Moumen" by Mahi Binebine

    Cinematographer: Hichame Alaouie

    Editor: Damien Keyeux

    Music Composer: Malvina Meinier

    Cast: Abdelhakim Rachid, Abdelilah Rachid, Hamza Souidek, Ahmed El Idrissi Amrani

    Synopsis: Yachine is a ten years-old boy who lives with his family in the slums of Sidi Moumen, Casablanca. When his thirteen years-old brother Hamid is arrested, Yachine takes up odd jobs to get free from violence, misery, and drugs. Years later, Hamid, now a young man, is released from jail as an Islamic fundamentalist. He returns home to persuade Yachine to join a group whose spiritual leader tells them they have been chosen to become martyrs.

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