2013 Edition's Long Films

Aujourd’hui (Tey)

Aujourd’hui (Tey)

  • Section :Long Films
  • Country :Senegal, France
  • Production Year :2012
  • Runtime: 86 Min

    Director: Alain Gomis

    Screenwriter: Alain Gomis

    Cinematographer: Crystel Fournier

    Editor: Fabrice Rouaud

    Cast: Saul Williams, Djolof Mbengue, Anisia Uzeyman, Aïssa Maïga, Mariko Arame

    Synopsis: Today is the last day of his life. He knows this to be true even though he is strong and healthy. Satché accepts his imminent death. Walking through the streets of his hometown in Senegal, he takes in the sites of his past as if he were looking at them for the last time: his parents’ house, his first love, friends of his youth, his wife and children. Time and again, he hears the same reproach: why didn’t he stay in America, where he would have a future? Satché encounters his final moments full of fear but also with a sense of joy.

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