2013 Edition's Arab and African Freedom Films

Women's Voice in Libyan Revolution

Women's Voice in Libyan Revolution

  • Section :Arab and African Freedom Films
  • Country :Algeria, Libya
  • Production Year :2012
  • Runtime: 52 Minutes

    Director: Fatima Moussaoui

    Screenwriter: Fatima Moussaoui

    Cinematographers: Thomas Buyer

    Editors: Romesh Aluwihare, Simon Deeley, Maya Maffioli, Behrouz Mirvarzandeh

    Music: Martino Scovacricchi

    Synopsis: This documentary tells the story of the Libyan revolution through the eyes of Libyan women. Fadwa, Hager,Kamla,Faiza, Nargis and others make us discover their courage and solidarity with the rebels in Misrata, Zintan, Benghazi and Tripoli which led to the end of the regime of Gaddafi after 42 years of of ruling with iron fists.

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