2013 Edition's Arab and African Freedom Films

Stories from Tahrir

Stories from Tahrir

  • Section :Arab and African Freedom Films
  • Country :USA
  • Production Year :2012
  • Runtime: 92 Minutes

    Director: Khaled Sayed

    Screenwriter: Khaled Sayed

    Cinematographer: Khaled Sayed

    Editor: Khaled Sayed

    Synopsis: In this documentary, filmmaker Khaled Sayed introduces us to dozens of real people on all sides of the issues that face Egypt nowadays. Street activists, political candidates, supporters of the revolution, wounded people during the protests, frustrated “Sofa Party” who miss the stability of the Mubarak regime, religious campaigners who want their party to have a stronger voice in the future of Egypt, and many more people from all walks of life caught in the struggle.

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