2013 Edition's Arab and African Freedom Films

It Was Better Tomorrow

It Was Better Tomorrow

  • Section :Arab and African Freedom Films
  • Country :Tunisia
  • Production Year :2012
  • Runtime: 71 Minutes

    Director: Hinde Boujemaa

    Screenwriter: Hinde Boujemaa

    Cinematographers: Mehdi Bouhlel, Hatem Nechi, Siwar Ben Hassine

    Editors: Naima Bachiri, Mehdi Barsaoui, Imen Abdelbari

    Synopsis: Through the hubbub of a revolution, this documentary follows Aida, a Tunisian woman who has to rebuild her entire life and who does not wish to look backwards. She spends her time moving from one poor neighborhood to another. Driven by the will to find a roof over her head and for her children, she takes no notice of the historical events taking place around her. Her only goal is to find a way out.

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