2013 Edition's Arab and African Freedom Films

Concor 5

Concor 5

  • Section :Arab and African Freedom Films
  • Country :Egypt
  • Production Year :2012
  • Runtime: 16 Minutes

    Director: Helmy Abdel-Megueed

    Screenwriter: Sherif Abdel-Megueed

    Cinematographer: Amr Taha

    Editor: Mohamed Abdel-Menem

    Music Composer: Akram Mourad

    Cast: Mohamed Omar, Sherif Awaad, Ahlam El-Gretly, Amr Fooda

    Synopsis: Inside the home of a simple family, we relive the night of January 24 until the day of the “Battle of the Camel”. A sick mother, an eldest son who lives in the family home after his divorce and the youngest son - three different generations under one roof who were not the makers of the revolution, but they became part of it.

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