2013 Edition's Arab and African Freedom Films

Tahrir: Liberation Square

Tahrir: Liberation Square

  • Section :Arab and African Freedom Films
  • Country :France, Italy
  • Production Year :2011
  • Runtime: 91 Minutes

    Director: Stefano Savona

    Screenwriter: Stefano Savona

    Cinematographer: Stefano Savona

    Editor: Penelope Bortoluzzi

    Synopsis: From Facebook to the battle of stones, it is a history of hope, fear, despair, anger, pride and, elation. This documentary is a real-time chronicle of the two most exciting weeks in the history of modern Egypt as lived by their protagonists. Since the 25th of January 2011, together with thousands of other Egyptian citizens, Noha, Ahmed and Essayed have been involved in a massive movement of street protest for political freedom. Day after day, sleepless night after sleepless night, until the capitulation of the defeated pharaoh, Stefano Savona follows these young and unexpected heroes along their shattering fight to win their freedom.

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