Theatrical Directing

Theatrical Directing

Theatrical Directing

The workshop aims to cover:

How to deal with theatrical script

How to understand the text and the subtext.

How to identify the core of the theatrical script./p>

How to utilize all theatrical tools to serve the core of the script (the theme of the script).

How to highlight the theme of the play by utilizing all the tools element of production like costumes and set design.

How to direct the actor and to transform him into the most essential element of realizing the script.

How to market the play.

Helping the director to understand the position of theatre among the other artistic mediums, and how to showcase the theatre’s capacity of containing all other artistic forms.

Helping the director to utilize different means to understand the theatrical script.

Gamal Thabet

Gamal Thabet is an Egyptian artist. He is an actor, filmmaker and an acting coach. Gamal is a graduate of Cairo University where he acted in its theater and also outside the university circle. He achieved the best actor award for the lead part of the play “The great wall of China” written by Max Frisch. In the late 80s, Gamal moved to the United States of America where he studied filmmaking as a director and produced his first documentary by the name “The eternal Cycle”. His documentary was awarded the best documentary and the second best film in Towson film festival in the state of Maryland. After finishing his film degree, Gamal started on his second degree of theater as an actor and an acting coach. Gamal has been an acting coach for the last 20 years where he worked with known names in the field of acting and modeling such as John Robert Powers and John Casablanca.