Luxor Documentary Workshop

Luxor Documentary Workshop

Luxor Documentary Workshop

The workshop aims to develop the story telling and structure of the selected projects. The schedule of the workshop will be divided in a way to address the requirements of each film given that each is at a different stage of development. The workshop also will take the time to help mould each project in a way that consolidates the vision of the director and render his/her film accessible and suitable for an international audience.

The selected projects:

  1. Algeria: Searching for Bou Saadia by Mourad Haimer
  2. Cameroun: The Man Who Fixes Umbrellas by Christelle Magne Tamo
  3. Rwanda: The Sweet Doomed Dance by Alexandre Sibomana Koffi
  4. Togo: The Black, The Blue and The White by Amanou Yelebo

Projects from Egypt

  1. Ali, and Us, and Four Years in Between by Zeina Belasy
  2. Raq El Habib by Marouan Omara

Jihan El-Tahri Bio

Jihan El-Tahri  is an Egyptian and French national who is an award winning director, writer, visual artist and producer. In 2017 she was invited to join the Academy of Arts and Sciences (The Oscars) and continues as a Mentor at the Documentary Campus in Germany and Ouaga Lab in Burkina Faso. Her recent work as a Visual Artist include exhibitions in France (centre Pompidou) Berlin (HKW and IFA Gallery), Norway (National Museum), Mexico (San Ildefonso) and Poland (Moma) along side acclaimed Artists like John Akmfrah, the Otalith Group and Kader Attia.

El Tahri started her career as a Foreign Correspondent covering Middle East Politics. In 1990 she began directing and producing documentaries for the BBC, PBS, Arte and other international broadcasters. Her award winning documentaries include “Nasser” which premiered in the official selection at Toronto International Festival, “Behind the Rainbow”, “Cuba, an African Odyssey” and the Emmy nominated House of Saud.  Her writings include “Les Sept Vies de Yasser Arafat” (Grasset) and “Israel and the Arabs, The 50 Years war” (Penguin). El-Tahri is also engaged in various associations and institutions working with African Cinema. She served as treasurer of the Guild of African Filmmakers in the Diaspora, an Advisor on Focus Feature’s Africa first Program and as Regional Secretary of the Federation of Pan African Cinema (FEPACI).