Official Selection out of the Competition



  • Section :Official Selection out of the Competition
  • Country :Morocco/France
  • Production Year :2018
  • Duration: 28 min

    Cinematography: Christophe Persoz

    Screenplay: Ayoub Layoussifi

    Editing: Matthieu Desport

    Cast: Ilyass El Jihani, Fatima Ezzahra Bennacer, Mehdi Ouazzani, Anouar Bouamar, Saleh Ben Saleh, Hatim Saddiki, Hamid Najah.


    Synopsis: In Azemmour, Morocco, the city's last cinema “Marhaba” is closing down for good and the last film will be Spiderman. Eleven-year-old Hassan has only one idea on his mind: to be there for the final screening but he does not have a cent and his mother prevent him to go.

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