Long Narrative

Mabata Bata

Mabata Bata

  • Section :Long Narrative
  • Country :Portugal/ Mozambique
  • Production Year :2018
  • Duration: 74 min

    Cinematography: Jorge Quintela

    Screenplay: Sol de Carvalho, José Magro

    Editing: André Guiomar

    Cast: Emilio Bila, Wilton Boene, Medianeira Massingue

    Contact: bando@bandoaparte.com

    Synopsis: The restless spirit of Azarias, who died young, haunts the undergrowth around a Mozambican village while his family tries to calm him. The spirits of those who died a violent death can, according to tradition, cause problems and he might disrupt his uncle’s upcoming wedding.But does this spirit really want to return?

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