Film Student Competition

Ward Abyad

Ward Abyad

Section: Film Student Competition

Country: Egypt

Production Year: 2018

Duration:16 min

Cinematography: Joseph Raoof, Ahmed El Dawrany

Screenplay: Lobna Abubakr

Editing: Lobna Abubakr

Cast: Marina Victor, Ahmed Hefny, Soha Shawy, Mahmoud Abo Elfotoh


Synopsis: Maryam who works as an artist has her mind over occupied in her day off by a file that has been lost from her work. Unintentionally ignores the white flowers that her husband sent her as well as all his trials to make things work properly between them. It is only when she loses him she has to dig her past and remembers her life with her father to find out the real cause of her insecurity and chaos.