Opening LAFF 2019 set in karnak TEMPLE

Script‭: ‬Attiea Eldardeery
Lighting Designer‭: ‬Shady Aly
Music Tamer Karawan
Art Director‭: ‬Kareem Elmahdy
Equipment‭: ‬Osama Fahmy
Director‭: ‬Hisham Fathy

Openning Ceremony 2019

Openning Ceremony 2019

Qena Screening

Closing Ceremony 2019

Announcement of the final awards in all competitions

About Festival

Cinema.. To live many lives
The Luxor African Film Festival represents a return and celebration of our African identity through the seventh art, the screen that takes us to reality as it takes us to dreams.. We share human concerns and cooperate in realizing our dreams.


TH Edition

6-12 March, 2020

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